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Engaging emergent scholarshp through progressive modalities.

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A Bold Experiment in Non-Linear, Digital Storytelling

Edutechnicalities is an effort to engage non-linear podcasting to highlight special topics and themes integral to the future of higher education. In doing this we are looking at many of the behind-the-scenes issues facing higher education today. Our first special series is on emergent scholarship. In the late 1980s Ernest Boyer wrote Scholarship Reconsidered, a landmark report on the construction, modality, roles and responsibilities for academic scholarship moving forward. The call was to broaden the idea of what constituted scholarship without sacrificing the rigor — the traditional scholarship of discovery would be joined by the scholarship of teaching and learning, the scholarship of engagement, and the scholarship of integration.

It is not that the scholarship for which Boyer advocated has disappeared; its presence continues to grow and gain followers. However, in many cases this scholarship is done on top of or in spite of normative practice and expectation. This creates at best an overworked professoriate and at worst a space where precious human and financial resources are wasted to create discovery scholarship when there is desire and knowledge to create community-engaging forms of scholarship.

We are fortunate to have seven remarkable guests joining us for our series to discuss the history of emergent scholarship before Ernest Boyer, the role of technology in emergent scholarship, the struggle between policymakers and academia in what society values in knowledge, the struggles of scholarship outside an academic institution, the struggles of emergent scholarship working within an academic institution, and more.

Podcast Episode 07 - Jon Becker

Jon Becker, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University, identifies the need for policy and governance to support emergent scholarship, including the modeling of behaviors and practice through campus initiatives.

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Podcast Episode 06 - George Veletsianos

George Veletsianos, Canada Research Chair of Education & Innovation at Royal Roads University, talks through his experiences as a scholar across Boyer's four domains and the relationship of networked scholarship to the production of traditional scholarship.

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Podcast Episode 05 - David Kernohan

David Kernohan, Associate Editor at Wonkhe, discusses his history as a scholar and facilitator of faculty scholarship, and how administrative scaffolds can be utilized to support growth in the emergent scholarship sector.

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Podcast Episode 04 - Rajiv Jhangiani

Rajiv Jhangiani, Special Advisor to the Provost on Open Education and Psychology Instructor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, analyzes the relationship between emergent scholarship and the Open Education movement, including the power of open science and policy changes around scholarship recognition for amending OER.

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Podcast Episode 03 - Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander, Chief Executive Officer at Bryan Alexander Consulting and host of Future Trends in Technology & Education, discusses his history as a scholar and facilitator of faculty scholarship, and how administrative scaffolds can be utilized to support growth in the emergent scholarship sector.

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Podcast Episode 02 - Bonnie Stewart

Bonnie Stewart, Assistant Professor at Online Pedagogy and Workplace Learning at the University of Windsor (Canada) and author of In abundance: Networked participatory practices in scholarship discusses the struggles inherent to academia and knowledge production, from the manner in which peer review transpires to the value systems for speciic scholarship production.

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Podcast Episode 01 - Martin Weller

Martin Weller, Professor at The Open University (UK) and author of The Digital Scholar discusses the relationship between networked technologies and emergent scholarship, and the changes in the field since the release of his book in 2011.

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Podcast Episode 00 - About Emergent Scholarshop

Edutechnicalities is an experiment in non-linear podcasting, using the affordances of multimedia to provide in-depth analysis of trends and topics in higher education. These shows are designed to be accessed in any order, singularly or as a whole, to provide further insight and clarification on the topic of emergent scholarship.

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