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The construction of knowledge is a community endeavor.

Making This Possible

Promoting change in the conception, development and publication of scholarship requires active participation from faculty, staff and administrators from around the world. This project aims to assist those constituencies in advocating for and supporting this important paradigm shift, recognizing the value of emergent knowledge construction and its unique formats. While EmergentScholar.Info is managed out of Seattle Pacific University, our partnerships are wide and varied, and we are fortunate to be in close collaboration with some of the brightest thinkers on this topic!

Special Thanks - Seattle Pacific University

  • Margaret Brown, Assistant Provost for Special Projects
  • John Robertson, Digital Education Librarian
  • Jennifer Wilson, Assistant Director of the Center for Scholarship & Faculty Development
  • Keola Pascua, Computer Information Systems
  • David Rither, Educational Technology & Media
  • Bob Elmer, University Communications


  • Martin Weller
  • Bonnie Stewart
  • Bryan Alexander
  • Rajiv Jhangiani
  • Linda Polin
  • Alan Levine
  • David Kernohan
  • George Veletsianos
  • Jon Becker
  • Keegan Long-Wheeler
  • Dwight McBride

Production Partners

How Can You Help?

There is a wealth of knowledge on emergent scholarship and its development, promotion, recognition and adoption throught academia. We are seeking further research to share, articles to illuminate, and participants for future podcast epsidoes. If you are willing to volunteer your labor, we are seeking web development and multimedia resource developers. Please contact SPU's Institute for Academic Innovation and join our team!