Edutechnicalities Podcast Episode 01 - Martin Weller

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Rethinking The Digital Scholar

As part of our special series on emergent scholarship, Dr. Martin Weller of The Open University (UK) discussed the movement of emergent forms of scholarship, notably the changes and obstacles he has noticed since 2011 publication of his book The Digital Scholar.

Our discussion focused on five main themes coming out of Martin's work and how they relate to Ernest Boyer's four domains of scholarship, as well as the manner in which education metaphors move educational conversation and policy for better and for worse.

About Martin Weller

Martin Weller is Professor of Educational Technology at the Open University. He chaired the OU's first major elearning course in 1999 with 15,000 students and has led many of the strategic technology developments at the University, including being the first VLE Director. He is currently the Director of the OER Hub research team, which examines the impact of open educational practices. His interests are in the changing nature of open education, digital scholarship and open educational practice. He blogs at

The Digital Scholar

Martin's landmaerk 2011 book, The Digital Scholar, is a comprehensive look at the ways in which scholarship has grown over the past several generations. Martin has an upcoming journal article, Rethinking The Digital Scholar, looking at how the field is different since his well as where acceptance of emergent academic scholarship needs to further grow.

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20 Years of EdTech

Publihsed by Educause, this media publication provides a flyover perspective of the changes in education brought on by technology over the past 25 years.

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