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Engaging emergent scholarshp through progressive modalities.

"The Medium is The Massage" - Marshall McLuhan

In the coming weeks, this will be a place to create an updatable list of research and scholarship regarding what we here define as 'emergent scholarship' - its history, its foundation, its growth, its criticism, and its operation in places of public and private policy.

Doing Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

From Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching, a resource for faculty to both engage with SoTL as well as produce scholarship within its parameters.

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Emergent Scholarship Matrix

As identified by Dr. Martin Weller in Episode 1 of the Edutechnicalities podcast, there are five distinct trends in digital scholarship and their relationship to the four domains of scholarship as defined by Boyer. This is a matrix realization of existing applications of these themes within these parameters, as well as exemplar research.

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Coceptualizing 20 Years of Engaged Scholarship

From 2018, Marianne Beaulieu, Mylaine Breton & Astrid Broussellean provide an expansive literature review of the movement regarding the Scholarship of Engagement (formerly Scholarship of Application) in theory, practice and policy.

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SoTL By Design

Dr. Katie Linder, the Director of the eCampus Research Unit at Oregon State University, offers an online course for faculty and staff interested in engaging the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

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